Kuali Coeus at UPRM

How to access KC

Kuali Coeus is a web-based electronic research administration system. You may access Kuali Coeus using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

To access UPRM-Kuali Coeus:

  • Access the R&DCenter home page: http://cid.uprm.edu, and click on the Kuali Coeus at UPRM logo, then log in using your @upr.edu username and password. 


To access the Training Instance - UPRM Kuali Coeus Training:

A Kuali Coeus Training site is also available for practice and training purposes.  Information entered through this Kuali Training site is NOT transferable to the LIVE KC production instance. To access Kuali Training, go to: https://kualitraining.uprm.edu. Log in using your @upr.edu user name and password.