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KC Routing Process

KC Document Routing Process at UPRM R&D Center

CID001-P-2013-14 (KC ROUTING: 12/17/2013 V.1): UPRM R&D Center Document Routing Process Using Kuali Coeus

These guidelines apply to all faculty, staff, students and personnel at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (UPRM) involved in the development or submission of documents related to externally funded sponsored programs.  UPRM procedure requires that all formal proposals and documents related to externally-funded sponsored programs be properly routed through the principal investigator’s departments, colleges and the campus Office of Sponsored Research (R&D Center) before any commitments are made.

 Proposals, pre-proposals and other documents submitted to external sponsors that request funds and/or commit university resources (e.g. personnel, space, funds, equipment, etc.) must be reviewed, approved and signed by authorized university officials.  The Kuali Coeus (KC) Proposal Development module is used to obtain this approval. This KC document summarizes significant administrative contents of a sponsored program request, indicates special needs, and assures consensus by the PI/PD's departments, colleges/deanships and/or Research & Development Center (R&D Center) administration.

A.    KC routing IS required for any of the following:

  • 1.    New proposal or pre-proposal
  • 2.    Renewal proposal – not previously committed (such as competing renewal/continuation)
  • 3.    Supplemental funds

The above documents should be submitted to the external agency only after the associated KC Proposal Development Module entry has been reviewed and approved by each unit responsible for committing University resources and approving obligations required by the project. Approving parties include the submitting unit and all collaborating units, the dean or administrative unit head for each, and the R&D Center.

B.    KC routing is NOT required for any of the following. However, administrative review by the R&D Center is required prior to submission to the sponsor.

  • 1.    NIH Just-In-Time documents (e.g. Other support, human subjects documentation)
  • 2.    Non-competing continuation applications
  • 3.    NIH training grant appointment forms and termination notices

C.    For documents not mentioned above, investigators should contact the R&D Center.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in delays or non-submission of sponsored program documents by the R&D Center.

For a copy of the full document: CID001-P-2013-14 (KC ROUTING: 12/17/2013 V.1) endorsed by UPRM Chancellor, see file attached.

- CID001-P-2013-14 (KC ROUTING: 12/17/2013 V.1)