Kuali Coeus at UPRM

What is Kuali Coeus (KC)?

Kuali is a growing community of universities, colleges, businesses, and other organizations partnering to build and sustain open-source software, for higher education, by higher education. Kuali software is designed for all sizes of institutions, from land-grant research universities to community colleges.”[1]  See kuali.org.

Kuali Coeus (KC) is an open-source Electronic Research Administration system which originated in MIT as “Coeus” and has been redeveloped by the Kuali Foundation.  KC provides a comprehensive research proposal development and management system that can be integrated to the institutional financial system to become a “cradle-to-grave” solution for research administratiion.

The "Kuali" Name 

"Kuali" is a Malaysian word that refers to a cooking utensil -- essentially a small wok -- that is often described as a humble, but essential tool.